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 Today Wednesday on 06-26-2013 on democracy Now !!

In a major blow for voting rights, the U.S. Supreme Court has invalidated an integral part of the landmark 1965 Voting Rights Act, the crowning achievement of the 1960s civil rights movement. In a 5-to-4 decision, justices ruled Congress has used obsolete information in continuing to require nine states with a history of racial discrimination to obtain federal approval for changes to voting rules. In recent years, Democrats have accused Republicans at the state level of enacting measures including congressional redistricting and voter identification laws to suppress the vote of minority groups likely to support Democratic candidates. We get reaction from three guests: Rev. Jesse Jackson, veteran civil rights leader and founder of the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition; Thomas Saenz, president of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund; and Ari Berman, a reporter who covers voting rights for The Nation. "This cuts at the heart of the whole idea of a broad American social fabric," Rev. Jackson says. Berman adds that the challenge came before the high court out of "a determined movement by conservatives to gut the most important civil rights law in the past 50 years."


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 Thursday 05-30-2013

Faith, Reason, and the Art of Living

It sounds plausible to require that all our beliefs be based on evidence and sound reasoning. Yet some people's most cherished beliefs, like their belief in a deity, are based on faith alone. Does that make those beliefs fundamentally irrational, or could there be some rational justification for such faith? And what about reason itself—are there limits to what can be known rationally? Does our reliance on reason demand a kind of faith of its own? Is there a way to reconcile faith and reason, or does the well-lived life demand that we choose one over the other? John Ken put reasonable faith in Howard Wettstein from UC Riverside, author of The Significance of Religious Experience. This program was recorded live on campus as part of the Stanford Continuing Studies course The Art of Living.
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 Renewable Now from Wednesday 08-28-2013

   Alexa Leboeuf Research Associate  of The Annenberg institue


     Should sustainability in education start early in our elementary schools ?
At Renewable Now, we are a huge advocate of educating people in the environment and sustainability. Sustainable education, we feel should start at a young age and be engrained into people in order that it becomes a way of life for them. This would also prepare them to make the work force better and more productive.
This show presents this case and drives it home from the elementary school level children to college and work force entry level young adults.
To help us drive this home, we positioned some great guests that visited with us in this very special show. If you missed this show , click on this linkhttps://soundcloud.com/renewable-now/13-should-education-in

 Renewable Now from Wednesday 08-21-2013

In this first segment ...

We received a update from Randy Bryant President of Converdant Vehicles .
ConVerdant Vehicles LLC [ConVerdant] is a leading vendor of green vehicle conversions in New England. ConVerdant Vehicles is a sales and service dealership for various manufacturers. They provide New England-wide sales, installation and service for their lines of Plug-In hybrid conversions, and USA-wide shipment of their Plug-Out kits.
The mission of this company is to eventually convert every car/truck/SUV on the road into a plug-in vehicle.
The ultimate goal is to eliminate carbon-based fuels from transportation.
Randy Mentioned that early on they experimented with pickup trucks but they are working extensively with Toyota Prius cars . Randy spoke about Converdant Vechiles offering something that most companies wouldn't . We learned about the plug in kit to charge up a vehicle off a wall out let in your garage feeding into a battery pack . We even learned that there is a kit called the plug out kit where you can power certain electrical components in your home and use your car as a emergency supply system .
While the kits are presently pricey
The motivation in purchasing these kits is miles per gallon go way up on fuel consumption .
Learn more about these kits and Converdant Vehicles .
Log on to www. converdant.biz    If you missed this episode click on this link . https://soundcloud.com/renewable-now/2013-how-can-you-vechile

 In This segment of Renewable now from this week

  In This segment of Renewable Now we took a look at sustainability in law and government . We were visited by Katie Greenhaw .

Katie Greenhaw is  one of our regulatory policy analysts and an author of the Office of Advocacy report. She is from the organization, Center for effective Government . The Center for effective government believes government should reflect the needs and priorities of the American people, as defined by an informed, engaged citizenry.This organization mainly works on the Federal level.
The Mission is two pronged .
First it enhances public understanding and appreciation of what government does and how it operates in all of our communications. If we expect our national government to manage large-scale societal challenges, citizens need to believe that government can contribute to the common good, protect the health, safety, and quality of life of all Americans, and manage resources for the future; and citizens need to know to how they can participate in governance decisions between elections.

Secondly it protects core governing processes from undue influence by special interests, through analysis, advocacy, and strategic partnerships inside and outside of Washington. We particularly focus on effective implementation of critical public protections, improvements in public spending transparency, and reforms that enhance government performance and public oversight of governance practices.

Effective, accountable government requires elected officials and public employees to put the public interest above special interests and operate with the highest ethical standards. Katie explains that this organization conducts policy research in a wide area of issues . They advocate for policy reform .
Katie pointed out the center has three main areas it focuses on , Citizens, Health, and Saftey. Katie said she works to ensure the rule making process of our government is accountable and transparent .
To find out more about this organization as well as see examples of work and success  log on to www.foreffectivegov.org/what-we-doIf you missed any part of this segment click on this link

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Renewable Now from Wednesday 08-19-2013  Eli Fehali of the New Economics institute !!

 What is really broken in our economy ? Can money be the only capital to keep it well sustained?

This week on Renewable Now Radio , Peter Arpin interviewed Eli Feghali of the New Economics institute. Eli works hard to raise the benefits of building a brand new economy . An economy where people are worth more than profit! We learned that there can be different types of capital such as , human, material , psychological and of course money .
Eli mentioned that what got him motivated in this crusade was the income inequality of society. The New economics institute was actually started in 1980 by Economist E. F. Schumacher. It was originally called the E. F. Schumacher society.
New Economics Institute formed and evolved through this and came to being in 2002 . The Mission is mostly National. Eli points out however , that you cannot separate national , international and local economies because they are all entwined .
Eli touched upon that there needs to be a new approach to economics in our present day society . The old system is starting to show signs of not working . A small percent control or have the wealth while the working class and rest of the economy continues to struggle .
Eli touched upon that major economic indicators like the G D P really doesn't correctly indicate that there is a real problem .
Some companies are taking the step toward investing in their human capital and making them feel more like a important part of their company . We looked at employee stock ownership programs as a example of this .

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