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Programming Schedule


Show Site Time (Eastern)
Monday to Friday
Dr. Charles Stanley http://www.intouch.org/ 5:00am
SOMA 1320 http://soma1320.com/ 6:00am - 12:00pm
Timeless Cool Music   10:00 am

Democracy Now


11:00 am

Variet of shows including Mayo Clinic, Renewable Now, The Next Level, Philosophy Talk and many more. radio.mayoclinic.org/ www.arpinbroadcastnetwork.com/Arpin-RenewableNow.html http://790business.com/sectional. www.philosophytalk.org/ 12 pm
Renewable NOW http://arpingreen.blogspot.com/ Wed 12:00 pm

Timeless Cool Music

w/ Lois

NACEPF Ministries NACEPF.net 4:00 pm
News and Views   6:00pm
World Radio Network wrn.org 7:00 pm

Timeless Cool Music 

w/ Tony Jones

  8:00 pm
SOMA 1320 http://soma1320.com/ 6:00am-12:00pm
Yahoo sports Radio   12:00 pm
Sports, special interest shows, including Cruise Control Radio www.cruisecontrolradio.com/


The Tony Jones Show http://TonyJones.org 6:00pm
Dr. Charles Stanley   7:00 am
Spirit n Truth Radio   8:00 am
Gospel music   8:30 am
Armenian Hour ArmenianRadioHour.com 9:00 am
Guido & The Dowopers http://guidoandthedowopers.net/ 10:00 am
TimelessCool Music   1:00pm
Tony Jones Tony Jones replay 4:00 pm
The Coalition  http://coalitionradio.us/ 5:00 pm
Heart Rock Radio   6:00pm
Timeless Cool Music   8:00pm



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